What are Z-Blox made of?

EVA- high density foam and magnets

How do I use Z-Blox?

Z-Blox can be used like any EVA foam block with the added benefit of extra stability in various fitness activities that range from yoga to Pilates. They are also a great accessory to physical therapy.

What will Z-Blox stick to?

Z-Blox will attach to any magnetic-friendly surface.

What is a magnetic-friendly surface?

Any surface that will absorb the magnetic yoga block like:
• Iron
• Nickel
• Cobalt

Are Z-Blox heavy?

Z-Blox are light-weight and easy to transport.

Are Z-Blox magnetic on both sides?

Yes! The blocks are magnetic on the front and back.

Where can I buy Z-Blox?

You can purchase Z-Blox exclusively from our site: www.zbloxathletics.com

Are Z-Blox easy to clean?

Yes! Just use a cloth to spot clean with a mild soap and water solution.

Will Z-Blox hold up over time with heavy weight on top?

As with any yoga block, it is not recommended to put extremely heavy objects on it for a long time.

Can you do push-ups on Z-Blox?

Yes! These blocks are durable and can be used with many fitness applications, including push-ups.

What size are Z-Blox?

3in x 6in x 9in

How resistant to water/moisture are Z-Blox?

The blocks are mildly resistant to water. Be careful when using if wet, they can become a bit slippery.

Where are Z-Blox made?

Our company is located in Michigan, USA.