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Magnetic Yoga Blocks
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Z-Blox Athletics

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Magnetic charged blocks

Introducing the world’s first Magnetic yoga blocks

Practice in style

Our patent pending design allows for limitless opportunities to make a statement.

Limitless Potential

Gone are the days of fumbling to carry stacks of yoga blocks to your mat and falling out of postures.

Take Control

Explore new depths with magnetic technology.


One pair of blocks, infinite uses

Z-Blox Athletics promises to deliver high quality products that will work with you through every step of your journey.

Enjoy the magic of practice all over again

Get creative with stacking, storing, and transporting your new Magnetic Yoga Blocks!

Best Selling

Patent pending

Magnetic Yoga Blocks

Starting from: $29.99

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Z-Blox Athletics is a Michigan based company that specializes in innovative fitness technologies. Instead of being just another yoga block retailer, our founders wanted to deliver a product that would change the yoga and Pilates industry forever…and that’s exactly what they did.

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